Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 25 & 26 - Songs and Performances

On Sunday, we had a fireside where we had to pull together a musical number at just about the last minute. We had a piano player (my head teacher, Marie, is AMAZING at piano), so all we had to do was get maybe three or four people to sing a song with accompaniment. It wasn't hard at all to find four others to sing. They were SO willing to help out, and I was so glad! (Otherwise I would have had to sing a solo, and that would not be very pretty) We sang all four verses of "How Great Thou Art" (I love that song!)

After the fireside, some of us stayed after and sang around the piano for a while. It was fun singing English while some others sang in Ukrainian. I even tried singing some of the songs in Ukrainian, but I'm still reading like a five or six year old child, so I sort of mumbled my way through.

Okay, and Monday night, we got to go to this event at a Baptist Church. Adrienne and Danae's host-sister was playing in the orchestra there. The performance was in Ukrainian, but it was all about the life of Elijah (which we just happens to be what we're studying in Institute right now!), and they had all the lyrics translated into English. The choir and orchestra were amazing, you didn't even need to know what they were singing about in order to appreciate the music, but it was definitely a plus to try and read along in the Ukrainian and see what their words meant in the translation.

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