Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 31 - Operrra!!

After a long day of touring around and figuring out post office stuff and walking around some more with Tania, I was finally able to go home and take a short break. It felt like just as I finally found some time to sit and relax, I was up and going again to get ready for the Operetta (An opera with talking in it too, like a musical). I was really nervous because I didn't have a phone in which I could call the other ILPs (I could only call Sasha or Julia from Lena's phone), and I didn't even know what time or where we were all meeting up around there. It wasn't too far from home though, so I walked there while constantly asking friendly looking pedestrians "Do you know where the Operetta is?" or "gdye Operetta?" A few didn't know, but the others all pointed me in the right direction, and I was reeally grateful for them. I made it there pretty early, but just waited around for a while until I heard some english-speaking a ways off. Just as I thought, it was the rest of my group :) ...more to come later.

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