Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 28 - Lost Phone

Long story short, I know I had my phone when I was on my way to church last Sunday, and I know that when I was leaving the bus on my way home, I did not have my phone with me any more. I was certain that it had fallen out of my pocket at church or maybe on the bus (we were packed in that bus). I'm going back to the church today or Friday to check and see if it didn't make it's way to the lost and found, or if it's still there in the coat closet. As I've talked with some people I've sadly learned that sometimes when you leave stuff in the church coat closet, things tend to "walk" though. I'm pretty sure I just left it somewhere in the church, or dropped it somewhere on my way to and off of the bus. But ultimately, I think it's a good eye-opener for me that I need to be way more careful about where I leave my important belongings.

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