Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 15 - "Dream town"

Haha I thought this was a joke at first, the others were talking about how they had gone to "Dream-Town" to go bowling or something where there were these people in gorilla suits and stuff there. Later, I found out that it's actually a place. You can find Dream-Town over by Obolon in Kyiv Ukraine; it's a mall. So me and a few others (Maddy and Clint) decided to go see what it was all about. Really, it's just this gigantic mall (actually a duo of two huge malls) We only went to one, and we could only glance in most all of the stores, but it was quite the experience. On one end on the second floor, there's this "map" of the world. It was fun to see what represented each place. Like Oregon and Washington, they just had a bunch of greens and trees there. I'll have to post some pictures of it later. We switched off picking places to go into; most of the bottom two floors were clothes stores and stuff, but my favorite was the third floor. They've got a theater, iceskating rink, roller-blading, bumper cars, ice-cream, table tennis, and stuff I can't even remember. There were shops with board games, food courts, and a ton of photo-ops, though I only took a few. By the time we made it halfway across the third floor, I was pooped (we started on the second, then went up to the third). I had heard about this soft-serve ice-cream that was just amazing, so we all tried some. It was pretty good, but it didn't give me any boost of energy that I was hoping for. We walked the length of that mall about 1 and times, once for each floor, then decided we should probably head home.

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