Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 33 - Kinder Joy!

I can not believe I have lived my whole life without knowing about these! Today was one-of-the-kids-I-teach's birthday and he brought goody-bags for everyone; which we all got after classes were done. I opened up my little goody bag and there was some chocolate and a juice box and this little egg-looking thing called a "Kinder-Joy". The kids seemed to know just what to do with these toys, but it was all new to me, so I had them show me how to open the plastic egg in half and use the tiny plastic utensil to scoop out the chocolaty treat from one half of the egg. The other half had a "surprise" in it, which was this little toy that I got to assemble together (kind of like a McDonald's toy). Mine was a mini-version of that ant game where you have to get the ants to jump into the pants (I think it's called "Ants in Pants"). Anyways it basically made my entire day :)


  1. Those used to be in the US but because of choking hazards, they've been banned.

    1. Ah that is SO sad though! I think they're just about my favorite candy in the world (possibly literally) right now! I'll have to stock up or something before I head back :)