Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 21 - Sister Missionaries!

Last night I got a call from the Sister Missionaries and they asked me to go to a meeting with them to this family that speaks pretty good English. I was SO excited! I basically ran the whole way to the metro (I only had 30 minutes to get all the way across town), and had almost no trouble getting to our meeting point where we walked the rest of the way to the investigators' house. When I met up with the sisters, they gave me big hugs, I felt so welcomed! At the home, there was a daughter, mom, and their dog (Raisin). The daughter reminded me SO much of my cousin, Lexi. There was pie and tea and I really liked the conversations we had. They didn't have any tea we could drink, but the Sisters showed me how I could scoop some jam into the hot water and mix it around. It tasted so good! The family made pie as a surprise for us, it was pumpkin, and that was real tasty too. I was sad we had to cut the time off eventually, but the Sisters have a pretty tight schedule. We all walked for a ways back together. Oh! And I got to try sledding for the first time here in Kiev! The daughter had bought a little shovel-looking sled, and she let me try it out on this pretty steep hill. It was SO fun! I definitely recommend it whether your in Kiev or not :) After a bus and metro and some more walking, I finally made it home. It was such a great experience though. If I get the chance, I'm definitely going out with the Sister Missionaries again!

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