Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 17 - Circus!

On Saturday, my ILP group all went to the circus! We went with Cami's group too (I'm with Marie's group). It was quite a journey there and back, but the circus was definitely an awesome experience! There was a lazer-light show in the beginning, and a huge variety of acts all in between (acrobatics, comedy, stunts, magic, music, and so much more!) I'll be posting a video soon (or eventually) to show you a bit of what it was like :) Definitely classic circus though! Except there were no elephants.. I was sad about that. But they pretty much made up for it with all the other awesome things I saw there! Anyways, sorry such an awesome event has become so short of a post. Just know that it was great, and that I TOTALLY recommend going to the "CIRK" (Ukrainian) if you're ever in Kyiv!

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