Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 41 - Looking Up :)

Okay, so basically since I got here to Ukraine, there's been this sheet of snow or ice or slush or puddles or something on the ground that causes me to have to watch my feet everywhere I go. But these last few days have been amazing! The sidewalks are clear (or at least more clear) of snow and ice and all that stuff that's been keeping my eyes glued to that grey and white path right ahead of me. Walking around Kyiv, there is SO much that I've been missing on all my daily walks. There are so many old buildings, that look like they've stood through many tests of time (and probably have). But right next to those old tattered buildings, there are these very modern, very shiny buildings that also stand out to me. I wish I could have taken more pictures yesterday on my small exploration of Kyiv, but I felt odd taking pictures of every building and thing that I saw. Anyways, I'll have to post some of those pictures later. (Oh which reminds me, I found my camera!)

Also, about my expeditions. Sometimes I have some time to kill but I don't quite feel like going anywhere in particular. On those days, I'll take the Metro to a random stop, then try to find my way to another stop a ways away. It's fun piecing together parts of this city that way. Honestly, I don't know which direction I'm going usually, but I figure if I stay around the center of Kiev, I'm BOUND to run into another Metro at some point. When I really need to, I ask a random Babushka (old lady), "Izvinitye (Excuse me), Gdye Metro? (Where's the Metro?)"

Yesterday, this one lady totally made my day, she was SO happy. When I stopped her in her walk (to ask for directions), she was looking up at the buildings around her and just smiling.. SMILING :) People around here don't typically smile unless they're with their family or good friends. On the street, it's basically an anomaly to see anyone really smiling about seemingly nothing at all. But she was, and when I said, "Izvinite," to see if she would stop and help, she said, "Zdrasvite!" to me and kept walking. I think she thought I was just saying a happy greeting, but then she realized that I was needing help with something, and she stopped and turned back to me. I asked, "Gdye Metro? Do you know?" She preceded to explain to me with a ton of Russian words (some I even understood!) and hand gestures to explain to me where the metro was. She seemed to be conversing with me, asking me questions or something. I just told her, "Ya ni punimayu.. (I don't understand) ..Ya Americanka," and hoped that would suffice. After talking a while longer, she spoke in English, "You understand?". I said, "Toot-toot" (a little) then I ended the conversation with, "Spaciba, Paka!" Looking back, I probably should have said, "Do svidania" (A more formal goodbye), but I think she understood. Anyways, after talking to her, I just kept smiling. My whole day was definitely worth it for even that one moment conversing with the smiley babushka :)

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