Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 13 - Exploring Kiev!

Sorry it took so long to update! This was a trip I took I think two weeks ago now? So I'll see how good my memory is. The Picture to the left is just the metro we were waiting at when we were gathering everyone together to go.
I thought it was fun that we were all these bright colors among all the browns and blacks and white shades of everyone else.
I thought this was kind of a cool picture.
Kaitlyn's the one in red, Madeline's in pink, Maddy's in the blue, and the crazy one's Clint.
Picture of me to prove I was there :)
Clint being a bum
Some sweet benches :)
I think this is a statue of a poet. Clint's looking up at him, and Madeline's the one taking a picture.
Going into the Russian art museum! (more about that later)

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