Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 30 - Valentine's Dance

Friday night I went to a Valentine's dance at the institute building. I didn't get any pictures of the event myself, but here's a few that I stole from some of the other ILPs :) It was super fun, they had almost all the music in English, which was cool because most everyone (even the locals!) knew the songs and were singing and dancing to them. There was only one line dance that I know of, that was "Waka Waka", but it was fun to find almost everyone there at least attempting at the dance. Some of the locals knew it way better than us! (Actually, I hardly even know the dance, I just know it's a super popular song in America.) Anyways, they had games and food too and fuzball in the other room and it was overall just a great time. It was fun even just sitting around in the lounge area and chatting with other ILPs and the locals.

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