Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 24 - Napolean Cake and good ol' American Food :)

We made Napoleon Cake on Saturday! It was SOO tasty (even though we skipped about half of the steps on the recipe!) I'll put up the correct recipe soon though :) Here's pictures!

<-- Here's some of us watching Tania while she shows us how to make the Napolean Cake! -->

Recipe for this will be coming soon! What I can remember is that we mixed a ton of butter and flour (and maybe some other stuff like salt and eggs) together to make the dough.


You knead it and roll it and then divide it all into 8 pieces, which your supposed to cool in the refrigerator for maybe a day-ish (so the pieces are tough enough), but we just threw them in the freezer for a while.


Next, you're supposed to roll the pieces out reeally thin, as thin as you can get them. They should fit nicely on the pan you have too, so remember to roll so it has the right shape. To pick up the thin sheet of dough, we rolled it up onto the rolling pin (right) and then unrolled it back onto the pan.


Once you've got the dough on the pan, poke it with a fork to make a bunch of tiny holes. Cook it in the oven until it looks like this --->


There's the sauce too which is really important. But I didn't pay attention to how it was made. I just know that your supposed to mix the dry ingredient first (which we didn't do), or you'll get kind of lumpy sauce to put onto your cake (still tastes good though!)

Between every layer, spread out some of the sauce. Add layers until you've gotten to the last one. Don't put sauce on the very top. You're supposed to have it all sit for a day so the crunchy stuff can soak up all the sauce, but we didn't. It just tasted extra crunchy, but it was still amazing. I very very much recommend making/ eating some if you ever have the chance!

Napolean Cake Recipe!!


4 cups flour
pinch of salt
500g margarine grated
cut in margarine and flour
2 eggs in the center - mix in eggs
Add up to 4/5 cup of cold water (not necessarily all water)
Knead the dough with the hands
Make a kind of sausage shape
Cut into 8 pieces
Refridgerate (in freezer)
Roll one piece out very thin - like a piece of paper
Roll onto rolling pin and roll onto cooking sheet
Cut holes in the dough with a folk and cook at 350 degrees until golden
(5-10 min)
With the help of a knife put the crust onto the sheet of paper and
cover it with another sheet of paper - you'll have a pile of crust in
the end

4 cups of milk – boil; add: 2 cups of sugar + 2(or more)  tablespoons of flour+2tb.spoons of starch - mix
2 eggs + vanilla – mix until thick
Cool cream and add 1 cup of butter
Bon appetite

Заварной крем 2
4 стакана молока, 2 столовые ложки муки, 2 столовые ложки крахмала, 1.5 стакана сахара, 2 яйца, 200 гр. масла.

В кипящее молоко влить смешанные с небольшим количеством молока 2 столовые ложки муки, 2 столовые ложки крахмала, 1.5 стакана сахара, 2 яйца. Охлажденную массу взбить с маслом. Масло добавлять не обязательно. По вкусу можно добавить в крем кофе.
Spread cream on each crust and finally press slightly all together with your

We decided to get some food on our way home, and had been told that this place is amazing, so we decided to try it out. It's called the "Stop and Eat" I think, and it was supposed to be a burger place. I think I ordered wrong though, because I ended up getting this burrito-wrap sort of thing with french-fries and other stuff in it :) It was tasty though. I definitely recommend this place for those feeling homesick for some good old fashioned french-fries and cheese-burgers. Mmm... I may just have to go again soon! :)

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