Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 18 - English/ Russian Party

The guinea pig is in the pink blanket near the right of the pic :)
Sunday, we had planned on going to St. Michael's, but when your with a group of ILP's plans can very easily and very quickly change :) We ended up going to my friend (from Amanda's group) Janelle's host-family's house. She lives right near the church, so we only had to wait for the bus then walk for a while, and then we were there! I hadn't realized this, but I haven't really met anyone else's host-family yet, so it was a neat experience to see the similarities and differences. Janelle's two host sisters didn't speak hardly any English, (besides maybe memorized phrases like "Hi, my name is...") We helped cut up fruits and vegis for dinner and dessert. It was nice spending time with some of the others too. Janelle, Madeline, Maddy, Danae, and Adrienne were all their too. We played this game that seemed to be specifically made for the event of American and Russian-only speaking people being at the same home. We had to try to translate words they had on the cards to English, and then the family tried to translate words we had on cards to Russian. It was fun to see that they sometimes struggled figuring out the word "hair-dryer" as much as we struggled with a word like... Well, I can't really remember any of the specific words. It was really fun though. We had dinner, which we all agreed was AMAZING (though it was fast-Sunday, so that might of had something to do with it :). Potatoes and Chicken with cheese and cooked vegetables, and there was enough for everyone. Afterwards we all chatted, at times the dad (who can speak English pretty well) got lost though, because we would all be talking at once. It was fun getting to know the others there and the family though. Oh! AND they had a huge guinea-pig which the two kids just LOVED. They put it in a backpack and carried it around, or wrapped it up in some blankets. That thing had so much patience for those children, and they'd had it for more than half a year already :)

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