Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 37 - Gargle and Spit :P

So last Wednesday, I started feeling kind of sickly. I've just been sniffly, sneezy and super drowsy (I'm thinking could just be allergies). But my host-mom has been worried about me like I'm on my death-bed or something. I came home, and she let me nap for a while, which was good for me because I was really tired then. Then when I woke up she gave me some lemon/ honey tea, which was amazing. But then  (after much confusion and trying to figure out what she was saying) she told me that I should gargle this mixture of salt, baking soda, some sort of orange liquid, and water. She filled an entire teacup full of the stuff, and I didn't really have any choice from there. I was so scared to swallow the stuff, it seemed (and tasted) like some sort of floor-cleaning liquid; I was pretty sure it would burn my insides. I took a bit of it, gargled it, and spit it out as soon as I could. She wanted me to take longer gargles, so I took more (so I could get rid of it faster) and gargled it longer. That stuff was SO disgusting, but I eventually finished it off. (Okay honestly, I'm sure the gargling is doing some good, but it really is awful.) Lena said something to the effect that ideally, I should schedule my time right now to sleeping, eating, resting, and ultimately not leaving the house until I'm well again. I've tried to respect that (I missed FHE last night for the first time), but I really don't want to miss out on things just because I'm a bit under-the-weather. It is kind of nice to have an excuse to take it slow, but I think I'm failing at taking it that today (so far, I've been home for just over an hour and in about an hour, I should be leaving for the Page's house for a game night.) Anyways, I hope I get over whatever this is soon; I don't want my host-mom to worry, I want to be more wide-awake-alert, and I am really not looking forward to gargling more of that stuff.

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