Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 35 - Ballet at the Kyiv Opera House

Picture taken from someone else's blog :)
Turns out they're actually couple
missionaries from Moscow!
My host-family's car is finally able to drive (it was completely covered in snow for the past few weeks), so I got a ride from them to this Opera House where I waited around for a few of the other ILPs (Cami, Kaitlyn, Madeline, and Maddy). As usual, there were a lot of complications for everyone in getting there (they weren't sure which metro stop to get off at, or weren't able to find the metro), but eventually we all made it there. We had gotten tickets for the Ballet of "Sleeping Beauty" last Saturday while we were on our Tour of Kyiv with Tania, our coordinator. The inside of this building is gorgeous; I felt like I was in a castle (or a real legitimate opera house:) ) with all the marble flooring and beautiful architecture. We were directed first down-stairs, where gave our coats to this lady who hung them up and gave us a tag to get them back later (that's how it goes in most any public building here - ballets, museums, operas, cinemas, etc). The Ballet was amazing too. We paid about 30 grivna (just over 3 dollars), but I would have paid upwards to 10 dollars for how amazing it was. The ballet-dancers were so talented, and the music was absolutely amazing. One negative though, we were on the very top balcony, and the seats there were not the most comfortable there. Other than that, I have no complaints, it was definitely worth my time and money :) When the "Sleeping Beauty" Ballet was over, we went back all the way down-stairs to get our coats. The lady was trying to explain something to us, but it was really hard to really understand her. Another lady who spoke some English translated for us. She explained that the coat lady was trying to tell us, which was that there was a'NOTHER performance in 15 minutes that we were supposed to go to. We were all so tired at that point though, and we felt like we had already gotten our days worth of adventures (with everyone else getting lost and such), so we asked to take our coats anyways so we could go. The coat-lady took our tags, and gave us our coats. We thanked her and the lady who had translated for us, then headed out.

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