Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 83 - Piano, Pasta, People and Legos! :D

Okay, one thing most people know about me is that I absolutely LOVE piano. Last Saturday at Conference, I was talking to Sister Powell and it turns out her kids are in need of piano lessons! I've been their music-teacher at church for a while now, so I know most of them pretty well. Anyways, yesterday was my first day teaching piano over at their house, and it's already a great learning experience for me! Who would have thought that four different kids could all be at such different levels of piano :P (PS any ideas for teaching a three year old piano??)

I can't get paid while I'm here in Ukraine because of my Visa, but the trade is food for extra piano-teaching experience, which is just a double bonus for me! We had pasta, with garlic bread, and COLD water! Haha you wouldn't think it's so amazing, but I rarely have real pasta with real garlic bread here, and I never ever get cold water! So it was an awesome treat for me. 

After dinner I ended up hanging out and talking with A, their oldest daughter. We sat in her room with all her toys (my favorite, Littlest Pet Shop!) and talked about random stuff. The other kids started trickling in until all five of us were in A's room just chatting away. The parents came in after a while too and we all just talked about random things (like AFV and random funny moments). We had "family prayer", then the little one's all had to get to bed. 

So A. and I talked for a while longer before deciding that we should most definitely go work on the Lego house she had just started (which was in her other room/ the guest room). We worked on that for a long time (it's a pretty detailed house, with stairs, a doorbell, and even a barbecue-grill outside!). But I eventually decided I should probably be heading home (it was already past her normal bed-time). We were just about to finish the roof, but we decided we could finish that next week. 

So I've decided that that's my current equation for a fabulous day. I just need to be able to share my love of something I think is wonderful (like piano!), eat some tasty food (like pasta!), have good people around to talk to and be with (like the Powell family! :) ), and do something that really brings me joy (like LEGO's!!). Yep, pretty sure that's all I need in life, thanks for reading! :) 

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