Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 98 - Sidewalk Chalk!

We went to the park again today! This time we brought a frisbee and some sidewalk chalk. For the most part, we just sat at the fountain and enjoyed talking and basking in the sunlight. We got some icecream and people watched, and we sat and talked some more. It was a super chill atmosphere, and I really enjoyed it. Once the sun started setting in the sky, we were going to head out, but decided it would be fun to find a good chunk of sidewalk to decorate with our chalk. We walked a ways from the park over to this long sidewalk that runs right between the street and has a bunch of trees lining that. At first, we were pretty cautious about drawing on the sidewalk, we didn't know how people walking by would react. But then we got super into it, and I began to feel like a true artist. There were a few people that paused to appreciate it, and even kid and a babushka that came and traced their feet with the chalk. It was really fun just drawing and writing and expressing ourselves on the cement. We took pictures, but not on my camera, so once I get those I'll post them up so you can see :) My hands and hoodie and pants were covered with chalk by the end, but it was totally worth it.

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