Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 74 - Mondays :)

Denay and I switched classes on Monday, so she went to school at 9am, and I only had to be at school by 3pm. It was crazy having all morning to work on things, I can't remember the last morning that I've really had freed up like that, it was nice. Most of the day seemed to be that of a lazy summer day, doing everything sort of at my own pace. Georgo (a guy working in cosmetics with Lena from Italy) would be coming that night (more about Georgo later, he's an interesting guy), so I cleaned my desk and organized my closet, and finished up laundry, and talked with Sasha and Lena, and ultimately really felt pretty accomplished all before the time I even thought about leaving for school. It was a nice sort-of break from all the rush and hustle of my every single day (it seemed) that I was on vacation :)

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