Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 81 - Saving the Worms

I was standing at the crosswalk waiting for the light to change, when the person next to me bent over to pick something up off the ground. I imagined that he had picked up a kopeck (the highest value kopeck is equivalent to about a nickel). He went over to a grassier area and bent over again. "Ah he's hit the jackpot today!" I smiled inside. The walk signal changed (making a fast clicking noise), and everyone crossed the street. I was following behind the picker-upper-guy when he did it again. I watched him carefully this time. He picked the object up with his pincher fingers -it was something almost string-like - scooped it in his hand, then set it in the dirt area by the sidewalk and kept going on his way. I observed as I passed the same area; it was a worm! I almost cried I was so happy :) It made my entire morning!

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  1. aw! gracie, i can imagine you doing the same thing! haha, just like all the spiders in our apartment :P