Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 99 - Hedgehogs: Just the cherry on top!

After FHE, a group of us decided to get some ice-cream. We walked over toward Maidan Square; It was ALL lit up and so beautiful! I took some pictures (which I'll have to post later!), but it's definitely better to see it all in person (plus night shots on my camera don't always work out so well :P). There was this big fountain show by Kreshyatik, which a ton of people were all standing around and watching. We just walked by with our ice-creams, but even from across the street it was pretty amazing! We headed toward the Rainbow Arch over by the Dnipro River, but then took the left route up to this big pavilion sort of thing that was overlooking the river. There was this guy throwing fire there, and we watched for a while. It was nice just looking over the city and lights and cars and their reflections in the water. We talked and enjoyed the atmosphere, but all too soon we decided it was probably time to start heading back (some of them had an hour plus of time to commute back home).

As we walked down the sidewalk back down the hill, we saw this little round creature skittering across our path. At first I thought it was an abnormally round rat, but after closer examination, I realized it was a hedgehog! I just had to get a picture of it, so I did. But right as the flash for my camera lit up the night, that little hedgehog just froze. The others came up and were super entertained by it's complete immobility. Poor little guy, I was sure he was going to just keel over and die of a heart attack. Did you know hedgehogs could growl? While we were watching it, this big boom came from behind us! A couple of us jumped (me included) and turned around to realize there were fireworks going off somewhere past the Rainbow Arch across the way. We finally left the little hedgehog alone though and moved on. We walked over to the cement railing to get a better view of the fireworks, and right there just walking on his way, was another hedgehog. He was walking right up against the railing at the edge of the sidewalk; so cute! We only took a couple pictures of this one, then let it be. But what a life for those hedgehogs, finding ways to live in a park in the middle of a city like Kyiv, I wander how they do it? Those are some tough little critters for sure :)

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