Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 82 - Sugar Overload?

At school, we had doughnuts for our "Kitchen" activity (We divided each doughnut into four parts), and I was pretty hungry at that point, so I had two fourth portions of the doughnuts. I had lunch; veriniki I think it was, then came home and decided I felt like eating a ton of fruit, because we had all this dried fruit out, and it was really tasty and I knew I'd be having cake for Anetta's birthday that night. At Anetta's we had cake, white-chocolate covered bears (provided by the sisters), ice-cream, and fruit juice. Right near the end of the visit, I started feeling really off; my skin hurt really bad and I was feeling slightly dizzy, and I couldn't figure out why. Sister Smith said it could have been something I ate, like food poisoning, but all I could think was maybe it was the doughnuts and fruit and cake and chocolate bears and ice-cream I had eaten that day. I'm not used to that much sugar, but I've never really had issues like that with sugar before. Whatever the reason, I was in this weird sort of pain all the way home. I couldn't pin-point the pain, which almost made it harder; it was like my whole body was aching. I felt like an old lady getting up and sitting back down on the Marshutkas (little buses) and Metros. I can't believe how much of a struggle it was to get home. I thought I could trick myself into thinking it was all nothing, but that didn't work. I did say a lot of prayers though and even started saying, "I think I can, I think I can" as I started going up that endless uphill climb back home. I did make it though! And I was SO glad at that. I felt super fever-ish all night, but by some miracle the only pain I could feel this morning was a lack of sleep :)

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