Sunday, March 18, 2012

Days 53-58 - Quick Week Sum-Up

First of all, I want to apologize for not writing a single post about my life this week. I'm sure there was a ton that happened, but at least at this current time, it's all sort of this void of space in my mind. It was just sort of a normal week in Kyiv for me, but here's some of what I did:

Day 53, Monday: 
Watched "Once Upon a Time" online (my first in-english show I've watched all the way through in a reeally long time!)

Day 54, Tuesday: 
Russian lessons, Institute (in Russian)

Day 55, Wednesday: 
Museum trip cancelled, cleaned and organized room and closet, worked on a puzzle, and played with Yulia and her Babushka. 

Day 56, Thursday: 
Modern Art Museum and meeting with the Sisters cancelled, played with Yulia, had some nice conversations with my host-mom. 

Day 57, Friday: 
"Family Home Evening", piano :)

Day 58, Saturday: 
Temple Trip, Suku's baptism (one of the kids in the Primary I conduct music in), Dreamtown Mall, and Movie Theatre - saw "John Carter" in Ukrainian (SUCH an interesting experience, had no idea what was going on sometimes, but it was AWESOME). 

There are a ton of adventures I'm sure I had all throughout the week, but sense I cannot recall hardly even that which I did earlier today, I'll just call all that good and start fresh from here :)

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