Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 45 - Pew-Cushions then Haystacks

Friday night I came back home really late, so I was looking forward to being able to sleep in the next morning (I love Saturdays for that), but before going to sleep I checked my e-mail. The first new one I saw read, "Thank you all for signing up to clean the church tomorrow. Elder Ose will be there tomorrow morning from 8-9:30am, so please come and help with what you can. It's a pretty quick job with lots of people helping. Thanks again!" It takes a minimum of just over an hour to make it to church, so in order to leave the next day by 6:45am, I would have to wake up at about 6:15. Oi, but as luck would have it, I ended up waking up on time and not being ALL that exhausted. I met up with Maddy and Adrienne at the church, who signed up as well, and we vacuumed (well really tried hard to) all the pews and floors in the chapel area. Who would have thought that little specks and long strands of hair would be so stinking hard to get out of a pew-cushions? Those pews didn't look like they'd been cleaned for at least months! But after working so hard to get it to even look cleaner than it was before, I understand how hard it is for whoever usually cleans the pews every week. Anyways that was our morning adventure. 

After that, we made our way over to the Powell's house, it took a lot of traveling on the Metro, but we actually ended up making it to the last Metro station at right about 11pm. From there, President Powell came and picked us up in his mini-van. We drove a ways and when we got to his house, a big thick gate opened to let us through, then a big garage door let us into the garage. I haven't seen or been in a house in all the time that I've been here in Kyiv, and this one was HUGE. President Powell, like Brother Page, is part of the embassy, so that's a big reason why he's got that big gate around his house and the nice house and everything :) I think most everyone from my group was able to make it, so there were a lot of people there (Madeline, Kenzie, Clint, Adrienne, Maddy, Marie, Denae, Kaitlyn, Alyssa, and the Powell family). We got to talk and help prepare the food and then help to eat the food (the best part!). We got chips and salsa and this amazing home-made dip (we even got to mash the beans!). And THEN we ate something like "Hawaiin - Haystacks", which is rice with chicken and some other random goodies to go on top. Most everyone got SO full, and after dinner the environment was perfect for a nice nap on the couch. At one point, there four or so people on one couch napping while the rest of us talked and played games. Someone commented that it felt like Sunday that day, and it really did! None of us had any obligations, and we just did whatever for the time we were there. It was fun to catch up with some of the others, but eventually we all needed to head home. I stayed afterward with some of the others, and hung out with their family. It was fun getting to know all of them.

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