Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 44 - FHE!

Friday night, FHE ("Family" Home Evening) was AWESOME! I met some extremely sweet people, and we had a lot of fun playing fooz-ball, Mafia, and Phase 10. The foozball table somehow got broken a little bit; one of the bars that hold two players for the blue team got pulled out of socket, but we adapted, and it turned out to be twice as fun to play that way. Then I decided to go play some card games with this group of people. They were going to play Skip-O, but we couldn't figure out the rules. Actually, they didn't even HAVE any rules for the game written in Russian, so someone had to look them up online. We ended up switching over to phase 10, which most everyone seemed to know how to play already (I think it has simpler rules too!). We had about 10 people playing, and they ALL spoke Russian, but I actually got most of their joking's around. .It's not too hard with a game of numbers :) And half of them speak English too, so I was able to talk and laugh with them too. I remember Julia and Sasha and Alla and Igor and about four others (I can't remember there names). We just had a blast playing that game. Actually, the highest "phase" we got to in the game was 5, but it was 9:30 and most everyone had at least an hour commute or so home. So we all put the cards away, reset up all the tables and chairs in the room, headed out and said our goodbye's.

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