Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 60 - Work!

I'm sorry I seem to be getting SO lax with keeping up with this blog lately. The truth is, I am! There's so much going on in my each day, and I've gotten in this routine of constantly having other things to do, that I don't give myself the ten minutes to a half hour that it really does take for me to keep you (whoever you readers are) updated on my life! I'm sorry about that..

Anyways last Monday was actually quite great! It's amazing how much your day can change when you simply choose your attitude! I knew I'd have to teach ALL day, so I got up early and headed out around 7 in the morning. I went to the grocery store for some goodies for the afternoon classes (which I promised Denay I would sub for), and then got to school and prepped for my usual morning classes. I realize I haven't written a WHOLE lot about my teaching experience here, maybe I'll write a bit about that when I share about yesterday (Day 61, and Tuesday)'s post. The day was long, but I enjoyed working with the new group of kids and seeing what things that I've learned about teaching apply to their groups too. Like counting down! Who would have thought that counting from 5 to 1, getting quieter with each number would make a class full of kids bouncing off the walls sit down in their chairs, fold their arms, and look directly at me, waiting for the next instruction? I really have learned a TON about working with people and children and groups and parents and myself in all of my experience in teaching here, and I'm feeling more and more grateful for the opportunity to teach here and all the things that I've gained from it.

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