Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 3 - (Not) Sleeping in the Tub

Wow, there is SO much to fill you in on from these last couple days! I've only got about 15 minutes to write this morning because I STILL have some lesson plans to write for class today (which starts at 9:00am!). It's only 5:18 now though, so hopefully I'm good. Anyways, on Saturday we woke up and went to the other school. I felt like a pro going in and using the Metro, I knew what to expect that time, and it made things way easier. We worked at the school all day, basically learning what we were supposed to do for making lessons and stuff, we hung out for a while, then left around 3:30 or 4:00pm for home again.

We decided it would be awesome to have a sleep-over at our head teacher's house, so we planned on meeting at the Metro to go over there. There was once again a ton of chaos in just trying to get everyone to Marie and Cami's apartment, but after maybe an hour or two, we finally made it. They had invited all the other groups to come too, so there were about 30 people total in that little 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Around 10 or 11, I was exhausted, so I curled up on a chair and tried to sleep. Everyone was still so laughy and giggly though! I got pretty frustrated that it was so late and people were still talking (my bedtime here is 9pm, I usually wake around 5am). After asking the girls to quiet down within the hour, I decided it best to try and find another spot further from the giggling and loud chatter. There was literally no room on the ground any more though. The room I was in was packed with maybe 10 or so girls (more than half of them already at the "Okay-I'm-ready-to-sleep-now" stage), the kitchen and hallway were packed too, and the last room was reserved for the guys, so I decided to go sleep in the bathroom. The bathtub actually made for a pretty comfortable spot, I could actually stretch out rather than have to be curled up now. A couple of girls in the kitchen were still talking too, but I plugged my ears tight and tried to sleep there. I got maybe an hour or two of solid sleep there when one girl came in to wash her hands (the toilet was in another small closet-sized room, and I was in the sink/shower room). It scared me a bit, but I sort of rested there for another good while. I realized how cold the bathtub was at that point though, so I never really got back to sleep. I got up and went back to my spot on the chair, but by that time, girls were starting to talk and my opportunity for sleeping was over (it was about 7am at that point). All in all, I learned something; I know now that I should probably think twice before going and doing anything "awesome" again.

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