Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2 - People Roller Coaster

So I got picked up for my meeting, and got dropped off at this spot where everyone else in my group was. It was good to see other familiar faces again. And it was nice to be able to talk with people who I can talk much more freely and easily in my native language. We walked to this stairway with a big green "M" above it. They told me that the "M" stood for "Metro" which is Kyiv's underground traveling system. We went through these swinging doors that swung really fast and were super heavy if you caught them while they were swinging back at you. There were these... Man I don't really know what they're called; they're like those bars you have to get passed in order to get into a theme park or the fair... actually more like those things you have to pass at skiing. We eventually figured out that to get through you had to put your metro card on the little pad next to the way that you're supposed to walk through. We went from there to these really steep escalators. They were the biggest fastest steepest escalator I'd ever seen! It was like a people roller coaster going strait down, but when we got on, it turned out to be pretty fun. The metro train was way below the ground, so it made sense to have such fast and steep escalators. We got on the Metro, and then we were off! The Metro reminded me a lot of the max train back home, it was so fast and made a loud "whoosh" sound under the ground. We got out at our stop, went back up the huge escalators, walked quite a ways in the snow, then finally we were there.

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