Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 2 - Host Family

Again, my "Day 2" has already come and passed, but I'd still like to write about how my yesterday went. First of all, I want to tell you a little bit about my host family! There's Lena, my host mom, and Sasha, my host dad, and little Julia (pronounced "Yulia"), my host sister. They all speak English pretty well, and the whole time I've been here, I can tell they've worked extra hard to speak English around me. I think they find it fun to be speaking English to each other sometimes rather than Russian, which is what they would usually speak at home. Julia is always singing rhymes and songs that she's learned in English, I can tell Lena loves it when I talk with the family, because it helps them to really be able to explain and understand my language. I've decided that Sasha is probably the best at English of the family. Whenever I can't quite explain something to the others, Sasha will try to figure it out, and then explain it to them. Like yesterday when I was trying to explain what a "schedule" is, it took a few minutes, and some repeating the same idea in a few different ways, but they figured it out after a little while.

Lena is works as a cosmetologist, and Sasha's Dad is currently in the hospital, so yesterday I got a ride with their friend, Tania, who's another teacher's host mom. Oh, but first breakfast! For breakfast, we had this thick "cheesecake" which didn't taste very much like cheesecake at all, it had the same texture sort of though. It surprised me that putting the cheesecake with plain sour yogurt would taste good, but Lena had me try it, and I actually liked it pretty well. Lena and Julia only took one or two pieces of it, so I thought it best to only take one or two, but I was still kind of hungry afterward.

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