Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 1 - I'm Finally Here!

I'm here! Actually, I'm just beginning "Day 2" now, but since my host family is still in the waking hours, I thought this was a good time to update you on how my day went yesterday. Basically, it was flight after flight after flight. The first one was from Portland to Washington DC. In Portland, I found two other girls that'll be teaching in the program in the same city as me. It was nice having some people that I could count on around. In the next airport, Washington DC, I was able to meet with even more people that'll be teaching there. It was fun getting to know them, on the long flight over seas I got to sit by one girl in my group, and I spent a majority of the flight talking and getting to know her. At that point, it was turning to night-time where we were at, but according to my own clock, it was still only about 5pm or so. We landed in Frankfurt, Germany, and it was amazing! All the signs were so different, and a good majority of the people were all speaking German or some other language.

 It seemed that a good portion of them could understand English though, which was nice, but kind of made me sad that I couldn't be that foreign-speaker that no one really understands. In Frankfurt, we met up with the rest of the group, we played cards and talked and a good time there. On the flight over, everything was spoken in German first, then translated to English. Sometimes there would be a recording played in Russian. But it was amazing to me that the airline accommodated more for English-speakers than Russian-speakers. Anyways after a good nap and some air-plane food later, I was finally in Kiev. But now I think my host families starting up breakfast, so I think I'll finish up writing later. Baka! (That's goodbye in Russian)

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