Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 127? - Barbeque, Flash Mob, Souvenir Street

Last night after FHE, Olia invited me to the International School's Barbecue today. We met up at about 12:45 and made our way there. I was expecting kind of a smallish school picnic, but it was HUGE! The school is really nice and they had caterers there with food from sushi to pizza. I really didn't feel like I was in Ukraine while I was there. There were people speaking English and German and Chinese and any number of other languages. It was really neat to be able to communicate with anyone and everyone around! I talked with people in line, I talked with people at the tables we stood at, I talked with people at the booths we went to... all in English! I think that's one thing I'm excited about in coming back home, being able to communicate and talk with anybody I please :) Katya gave us a heads-up about a flash mob that the kids had been practicing for, so we stayed around until 3:30, when all the kids danced to this fun song as a sort of present to the teachers. It was all a ton of fun to watch, and I got some of it on video! Maybe (someday) I'll post it! 

After the picnic/ barbeque/ party, we decided to make our way to Souvenir Street. It was so fun walking and talking and looking at all the paintings and trinkets and toys and decorations and clothes and tablecloths and everything that we found on that Souvenir Street. We were going to stay around until 9:30 for a 3D lazer light show (or something like that) but we were pooped by then. So we made our way to our various destinations home and I spent basically the rest of the night packing and cleaning and getting ready to go for leaving on Wednesday. There's so much to do!! 

(PS I've got a LOT of days to fill you in on from these past couple of weeks, but I haven't time to do that now, I will try to have everything updated soonish though!)

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