Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 109 - Haircut!

Just kidding, it was only a trim to get all those dead ends off, but it was still exciting to go into a Ukrainian salon all by myself and just hope for the best! The lady cutting my hair knew enough English to ask some simple questions in English, but I'm not sure she understood everything of my answers. "Where are you from?"... "How long have you been in Ukraine?" "What are you here for?" The typical ask-a-foreigner sort of questions :) I enjoyed telling her a five minute run-down of my life's story while she clipped my hair up to focus on the first layer of hair. I made sure to tell her in a few different ways, "I only want a trim... OCHEN choot choot (Very little)" Heh I was so concerned that she might misinterpret and cut like five inches off or something. But she didn't, the lady seemed really nice and even related to me of a few of her friends that live in Chicago (or somewhere like that). Anyways, I came out of the salon looking basically the same as when I walked in (just with cleaner ends to my hair), so I was pretty happy about that. It cost me 40 grivna (maybe 5 dollars) for the hair trim, and then another 35 grivna (like 3 dollars) for something else.. maybe layers? Anyways I thought it was a decent price.

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